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Cosplay Panic!'s Journal

Thursday, April 24, 2003


Just a quick update to let everyone know work is being done!

I am currently writing two articles for the mag.

As well sa researching and compiling a list of possible advertisers, and strategies to get more funding.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

11:29AM - Heh Bio Time

"Serge's full time job is seeking World Domination!!! And in a few years his dream will be realized. But in the meanwhile Serge is a Cosplayer and a Gamer with some Anime mixed in there somewhere. He's definatly a big fan of directing cosplay skit like such greats as "Grand Theft Chobits" and "But wait this isn't another X skit it....MORTAL KOMBAT!!!". As well as planning other skits in the near future. Yes he gets most of his costumes commissioned, no he doesn't care what people think of it. As long as your a, fan thats what matters"


Thursday, April 10, 2003


Okay, now that I've introduced myself through my bio...perhaps I should do this a little more formally.

My nickname is Xana. I'm a friend of Meiran's through Hollins University. I currently work at Wayside Theatre in Middletown, VA as an Administrative Intern. If you go to Meiran's Nine Hour Films website you'll see my name all over the place as one of her actors. :o) I'm still waiting on that experimental film Meiran!

That'll do for now.

Who else is on this list? *waves at Cyn, who she has met on various occasions*

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11:46AM - My bio...

Okay...*throws off her cloak of adult seriousness and modesty* Here goes!

Xana has sold her soul to theatre after graduating with a double B.A. in Theatre and English/Creative Writing. (She may one day get it back yet. Currently Wayside Theatre holds her soul.) After her contract is finished with Wayside she is on her way to teaching English in Japan through the JET Program. She enjoys Chinese Opera, reading and writing, learning foreign languages, and cosplay. (If you know someone, or are someone, who looks like Tomo from Fushigi Yuugi--please send a photo and one page essay about yourself to Xana.)

Costumes: First Costume: Kouji from Fushigi Yuugi
Heero from Gundam Wing
Xelloss from Slayers Try and Slayers Next
Naraku from InuYasha

Quote: "That which does not kill you makes you stronger." -Goethe

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10:51AM - Hello everyone!

Some of you I know, some of you I may not. Anyways my name is Cyn and if you've talked to Meiran any then you've probably heard of me.

I thought I would post my bio in here and see what people think. So here goes:

Cyn enjoys long walks on the beach, moonlit nights....wait, wrong kind of bio. *grin* Let's try again.

Currently attending her second college (first major didn't work out so well) Cyn is now obtaining a degree in Computer Graphics with an Internet Publishing Specialization. Doesn't that just sound cool?
For a little over six years now Cyn has been designing graphics and also designing and coding websites. Her love of design has yet to diminish. Recently her friend managed to suck her into the world of Japanese Anime and costuming.

First Costume: Nenene from Read or Die (manga)
Although it's yet to be worn at an actual convention.

Quote: "Okay, I'll do it." - In response to anything Mary asks her.